AmeriOutlet is committed to supplying top quality products at fair and competitive prices at all times. Our goal is to accurately price and describe our products on our web store.

Due to changing sale events or adjustments to our inventory in real time, you may encounter price variations as you shop on our web store. For example, you may notice price may change when you view the item before you add it to the cart or while it's in your cart. However, the price you will be charged for the item you want to purchase is what is displayed on the order summary page.

While AmeriOutlet is committed to displaying accurate price for each item on our web store, AmeriOutlet reserves the right to fix pricing errors; at our sole discretion, even after your order is confirmed. If we determine there was a pricing issue with one or more items in your order, we will contact you about price adjustments or cancel your order.

Price matching

AmeriOutlet values you as our customer and will do everything is possible for your satisfaction. AmeriOutlet offers price matching with other US-based web stores. If you are buying an item on AmeriOutlet that is priced lower on a competitor's web store, please state so in the comments section of your order. Please provide the website link and the advertised price. You may also contact us with these details prior to placing the order.

If you find a lower price on a US-based web store, within 30 days of purchasing the item, please contact us for adjustments. Please specify the link to the item to the other web store's website.

Once we receive your request for a price matching, we will verify and notify you if the item qualifies for price matching. To be eligible for price matching, please be aware:

  • The item must be available for sale at a US-web store.
  • The item on a competitor’s web store must be identical in terms of brand, model number, color, and condition.
  • AmeriOutlet only price matching the product cost, not coupons or other incentives (free gifts, cash back, etc.), or shipping charges.
  • Auctioned or wholesaled items are excluded from price matching guarantee.
  • AmeriOutlet will price matching up to 20% of the price difference or up to $20 per transaction, whichever is lower. For example, if an item is priced $49.99 on our web store, and another web store sells the identical item for $34.99, the maximum AmeriOutlet will price match is $9.99 (=49.99*.20) thus you will pay $39.99 at our web store for that item.